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THF survey of early Tibetan templeFrom November 26 to 30, THF's first chairman André Alexander teaches a compact course on Tibetan architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Berlin University of Technology.

THF at the 13th Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh StudiesTHF Leh team managers André Alexander and Andreas Catanese have prepared a paper on the Leh Old Town for the 13th Colloquium of the International Association for Ladakh Studies, held in Rome 7-11 September 2007.
THF represented at Urban Sustainability conference organised by Berlin governmentTHF co-director André Alexander speaks at the Urban Sustainability Conference during the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007. This annual event is organized by the Berlin Asia-Pacific Forum, and the conference takes place in Berlin's Townhall in Mitte district.

Many guests and local media came for the celebration of THF's projectAfter four years of work, THF co-director Pimpim de Azevedo and Mongolian partners and supporters have celebrated the completion of the Sangiin Dalai restoration project on September 1 2007. The celebration was attended by the governor of the South-Gobi region, the head lama of Ganden monastery in Ulan-Bator and many other guests.

Copyright IBNThe Indian News Channel IBN produced a video feature and a news item about THF's Leh Old Town Project.
Lundup Dorje delivers paper at Heritage Seminar in NapoliAs implementing partner to A.S.I.A. initiative to launch a campaign to discuss and raise awareness about sustainable development of Tibet's physical heritage, THF experts Lundrup Dorje, Christine Jürgens and André Alexander, and affiliated architect Beate Heyne participated in three day-long seminars in Napoli, Turino and Roma. They were joined by a number of Tibetan, Italian and European experts. Click here to view pictures of the events, and here to hear Lundup Dorje sing a Tibetan song during dinner time.
First Ladakhi wall-painting conservators trained by THF and TFH Erfurt now in GermanyDespite an abundance of historic (and often threatened) wall-paintings in Ladakh, there are no indigenous wall-painting restorers. Since 2005 THF has been training two Ladakhis students in basic skills and approaches to wall-painting conservation, in partnership with University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (TFH). In 2007, funded by Inwent, the two, Yangchen Dolma and Skarma Lotos, could go to Erfurt to be trained in the laboratories.
UN Habitat Dubai International Award for Best Practice for THFTHF's Leh Old Town Project has won a Best Practice Award for Improvement of the Living Environment, courtesy of Dubai Municipality and the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN Habitat).
Demolition of Kamal Khan House in old LehThe World Monuments Fund has accepted THF's nomination of the Leh Old Town for inclusion in WMF's bi-annual list of the 100 Most Endangered Sites.
THF and WMF are currently discussing ways to cooperate to increase conservation activities in Leh.

THF restoration of Ragya MonasteryTHF, A.S.I.A., Universita degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale", Politecnico di Torino and Istituto Centrale per il Restauro di Roma organize three seminars on CULTURAL HERITAGE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF HISTORICAL CITIES IN ASIA - Safeguarding traditions and ancient knowledge to promote development, as part of a EU-supported project, 18.20.22 June 2007.

3:58 pm, 08 Sep 2007
Buddhapurnima in Leh May 2007The birthday of the Buddha was celebrated in Leh with a huge procession around the town with all its monasteries and shrines.

12:28 pm, 14 Aug 2007
Springtime in Amdo with Yutaka, Lobsang, Choekyi and Andre.

Yutaka Hirako has joined the Qinghai team for new building restoration and mural conservation projects.

10:31 am, 28 Feb 2010
View of the river Indus with Spituk monastery in background (LL07)The THF Ladakh team has arrived in Leh to continue the work with the local LOTI team on the Leh Old Town Conservation Project.
THF's Pimpim de Azevedo presented a paper at "The Conference for Conservation of Traditional Temple Architecture" on Revival and transmission of traditional skills and rehabilitation of Sangiin Dalai Monastery - Mongolia.
4:21 pm, 08 Sep 2007
The children of Jianzha in the Serkhang Yul-lha Lhakhang (Larencuo).April 17
End of prayer festival at Serkhang (gser rkang) monastery in Qinghai.
1:11 pm, 10 May 2007
Samtenling Monastery (sgrub sde bsam gtan gling)April 5 2007
Enthronement of new incarnation of Choeshyi Rinpoche at Samtenling Monastery (sgrub sde bsam gtan gling) in Qinghai Province.
8:54 am, 21 Apr 2007
13th century wall-painting, Tayok Phyi, Bagan (AA).Travel for the 10-historic cities in Asia project: Bangkok, Penang, Kyoto and Bagan from February 21 to March 23.
12:27 pm, 14 Aug 2007
April 2 2007
Pimpim de Azevedo and Danilo Thiedemann re-start the Mongolia Sangiin Dalai Monastery Project after the winter-break.
Ragya monks, local officials and the THF team celebrate the completion of the 4-year restoration project (THF).October 2006
THF celebrates completion of 4-year project at Ragya Monastery in Qinghai Province.

8:47 am, 21 Apr 2007
THF UNESCO Heritage Award 2006September 1 2006
THF wins one of the 2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for the Leh Old Town Conservation Project.
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