Lhasa Jokhang temple during Tibetan New Year (Alexander 92)THF members are involved in a number of academic or independent research projects.

The subjects of our research include traditional Tibetan architecture (see below), technology of traditional Tibetan-style wall-paintings in Tibet and Ladakh, the fusion of traditional Tibetan and Chinese architecture in Qinghai, historic Buddhist architecture in Asia, traditional Mongolian architecture (see also our publications), the architecture and conditions in Beijing's historic city centre (also publishedand available as download), and a comparative study of conservation policies and impacts in ten historic cities in Asia, including Lijiang, Hoi An, Luang Prabang, Penang, Kyoto, Bagan and Bhaktapur.

THF also calls for contributions. To make this website into a forum for exchange of experience in conservation and development, we offer to publish research papers or reports here that deal with any of the afore-mentioned topics. There are as yet no formal limitations. Please send either an e-mail of enquiry or your ready paper in pdf. format with your name and contact address to , subject conservation forum.

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