3D Scans

Dr. Roxana Radvan from INOE and local THF team at SasspolDragos Ene setting up equipment at Tsatsapuri templeThanks to restorer Anca Nicolaescu, THF is now cooperating with the Romanian National Institute of Research & Development for Optoelectronics, INOE -Romania. INOE has strategic projects involving application of innovative technologies to Cultural Heritage preservation. During a first visit to Ladakh in 2008, Dr. Roxana Radvan and eng. Dragos Ene brought Laser scanning equipment and made 3D scans of the Red Maitreya Temple in Leh, the Tsatsapuri temple in Alchi and one of the Sasspol caves. Laser technology has non-contact, non-destructive and non-invasive character, which makes them especially suitable to application in Cultural Heritage diagnostics for conservation purposes. The first results have been presented at an international conference in Sibiu in September 2009.
INOE has also generously agreed to post versions of the scans on THF's website.
Red Maitreya temple, Leh
Alchi Tsatsapuri
Sasspol cave

Exhibition at Sibiu by INOE
Presentation at Sibiu by Dragos Ene
3D model of Sasspol cave by INOE
3D scan of Maitreya Buddha from Red Temple in Leh by INOE

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