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Amdo FriendsTHF is directed by Andre Alexander (first chairman) and Pimpim de Azevedo (second chairwoman); Yutaka Hirako is the China Program Manager since 2002; Sylvester Kaben is the treasurer, Lundup Dorje and Lobsang Ngudup are Qinghai program managers; Tseyang is nhead of the accounting department and Nyima Tsering is traveling ambassador.

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Beijing +86-10-64049531
Ladakh +91-250175
In Ladakh, visit us between April and October at Lakruk House, Stalam, Leh just below the old Royal Palace and the Red Maitreya Temple. In Mongolia, visit us at Sangiin Dalai monastery, Nomgun Sum, South Gobi Aimak. In Beijing we used to live in an old courtyard house with a pomegranate tree, close to the Hohai lakes and the Drum Tower, but these days we tend to spend most time in and around Qinghai.

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