In this space we will release short videos by or about THF.

THF Trailer is a 7-minute film directed by André Alexander and edited together with Kathleen Herkt, with footage by Kathleen and Friedrich Herkt, Pimpim de Azevedo and André Alexander. Thanks go to the Australian filmmaker Peter Swan who helped with the final edit, and to MRTZ and Erwin Heil for putting it up on the web.

Making Tsatsa-s in Amdo documents the fabrication of votive clay images of Guru Rinpoche for filling a stupa in Trika.

IBN-CNN recently made a documentary about THF's work in India, you can see it on their website.

Do-the-legbone is a little animation created by MRTZ ( for a Losar party in Berlin, based on a new tangka painting of the "Lords of the Cemetery" (Durtoe Dakpo) bought by Sylvester and Raissa Kaben in Lhasa. If someone's religious feelings are hurt because of this, we apologize. Let us know ( ).

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