Stok - Gyab Tago and Nyamshan Houses

Stok is a village 15km from Leh, on the opposite bank of the Indus River. Stok palace has been the residence of the former royal family since the nineteenth century. In 2011, we repaired two village houses.

Gyab-Tago House
Dhamma House, also called Gyab-Tago House, is one of the oldest houses in Stok. The main entrance has three small ‘Rigsum Gonpo’ stupas above the gate. The platform, on which the stupas stand, and its roof were repaired with slate and mortar to prevent rain water from seeping in and damaging the entrance walls and stupas. Parapets on the roof and on the second floor in the courtyard were also repaired with the same materials.

Project supported by Liechtensteinscher Entwicklungs Dienst (L.E.D).

Nyamshan House
Nyamshan House is located in the valley above Stok and was abandoned for some time. The eldest son of the family decided to restore the house and approached us for help.
The toilet and one room on the first floor of the house were fully restored, and the owner moved back.

Project supported by L.E.D.
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