Ama Yangchen House

This small, two-storey house is the home of an old couple who are long-term residents in Leh Old Town. Ama Yanchen sought help from us to repair her house, which had many roof leaks and structural problems caused by rotten wood in the ceiling. The whole roof was repaired, all the damage rafters were replaced to new ones and ‘Taloo’ willow twigs were laid between the rafters, which is popular ceiling material in Ladakh. The entire roof was sealed with different layers of natural materials, which improve the waterproof quality. Also the top parapet was repaired. The interior walls were newly plastered with locally available clay. This clay makes it smooth and strength the surface and is suitable for indoor plastering. Extensive roof repair work was undertaken, including the addition of a skylight to improve the lighting in the room. The couple are very happy with the improvements.

Project supported by L.E.D and SELAVIP.

Copyright, Tibet Heritage Fund