Gotal Murup house

Gotal Murup is a small house located at the Stalam area. The house belongs to Mr. Murup, a family member the Gotal clan, and the house was built during his father’s time. The house is very small and modest but charming.

The building condition was fair and most of the structural parts were recyclable, however it was necessary to repair the roof. We open the roof by removing the roofing soil and the rafters. Most of the rafters were washed and reused. Meanwhile, minor wall damage was repaired and the structural deformation adjusted. To maximize the space, we rearranged the staircase. In the compost toilet room we made a small bathroom.

PVC pipes were installed in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and were connected to an evacuation gutter. Electric wires were installed in the wall. On the roof, the mason built a Yaps terrace above the staircase and the parapet was covered with slate stones.

A final plaster was applied to the entire wall and the floor of the entrance hall, kitchen and the bathroom were paved with slate stone. The restoration work was finalized with the application of linseed oil to the wooden elements and the whitewashing of the exterior walls. Gotal Murup house restoration work was completed.

Project supported by CERS and Virginia & Wellington Yee.
Copyright, Tibet Heritage Fund