Ajanta hall, Namgyel Institute of Tibetology

After the successful conservation of the Tsuklakhang Temple wall paintings in Gangtok, the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology asked THF to help with the conservation of the Ajanta Hall paintings.

The wall paintings were painted by the Sikkimese artist Barmiok Lharip and date back to the late 1950s, but have sadly suffered extensive water and earthquake damage.

In 2013, under the guidance of mural conservator Anca Nicolaescu, our team of four local conservators (Yangchen Dolma, Skarma Lotus, Kelsang Angmo and Tenzin Norgay) worked on the project.

Cracks and detachments were fixed and paint fragments were replaced. Basic cleaning was made on the painting surface bringing the Ajanta hall project to completion.

Project supported by Sikkim Namgyel Institute of Tibetology.

Copyright, Tibet Heritage Fund