THF wins third UNESCO Heritage Award for Amdo Monastery Restoration
Posted by Andre on 19 Jan 2012 at 12:02 PM
THF's restoration of Nangra Serkhang in Amdo won a 2011 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award, the third time THF wins such an award.
The UNESCO wrote:
"Award of Merit
Serkhang Monastery, Qinghai Province, China
One of the few surviving Tibetan monasteries in Qinghai from the 14th century, Serkhang
Monastery has been restored through close cooperation between the Nangra community
and invited international conservation experts. The quality of the research and
documentation was exceptional, ensuring that the work was undertaken to high standards
of both artisanal building traditions and modern conservation science. The project is
commendable for its comprehensive approach to conservation, encompassing the entire
site and the valuable collection of wall paintings.

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