Shel-Zimskhang - Sabu

The Shel-Zimskhang house, refer here as Martha’s house was built in the early 20th century in the village of Sabu by the late Tsetan Phuntsog the father of Marta's husband Odpal Phuntsog. Tsetan Phuntsog was a member of a important family in Sabu and his life story is very interesting. He converted to Christianity in 1934. John Bray wrote about Tsetan Phuntsok on his article "Towards a Tibetan Christianity? The lives of Joseh Gergan and Elijah Tsetan Phuntsog" if you want to know more about Tsetan Phuntsog.

The Shel-Zimskhang house was built in traditional style using local materials and skills
but at same time adding modern ideas to the space layout and arrangement of rooms. The house is build in the middle of apple and apricot orchard and surrounded by fields with a water stream running through these fields near by the house.

Few years back, Mrs Martha has asked THF to repair her house. We visited the site and in 2019 THF drew up a detail restoration plan for the family. In 2020 Mrs Marta and her family invite THF/LOTI to implement the restoration project of their house.

The project started early in 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project has been implemented by THF/LOTI team living on the site to avoid exterior contact.

In 2020 we worked on the east wing of the house and repair walls, the wooden structure of ceilings and roofs. After that we close the project for winter season. In Ladakh the climate is very harsh with temperatures often below -20 degrees because of this the construction work only can be carry out during 6-7 months a year.

In 2021 we are working on the west side of the house.

After Shel-Zimskhang's repair is completed more information will be upload in this page.

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