Lobsang's homepage

Lobsang Ngodrup was introduced to us one day in Lhasa by the writer and researcher Démön Dechen Drolkar. He soon became an important member of the THF team, first as a translator, and later in key logistics and management roles. He worked with Pimpim as a researcher on terminology and techniques of Tibetan architecture. Among the restoration projects he managed were Beri monastery and Yungdrungling temple in Kham, and Ragya monastery and Serkhang temple in Amdo.

Lobsang passed away in 2019 after a long illness. He is much missed by the team and THF is very grateful for his contribution and moved by his dedication to the conservation of Tibetan heritage.

Lobsang at Ragya monastery, Golok
Lobsang at home with his wife

Spring in Amdo, Lobsang with Andre and Yutaka

Beri Monastery, Lobsang with Pimpim and Nyima
Ragya Monastery, the day the safety helmet arrived

Mongolian artisans visiting Amdo with Lobsang and Danilo
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