Alchi Tsatsapuri Conservation Project

Alchi Tsatsapuri by L.Gratz/THF 2006Alchi Tsatsapuri is a little-know temple complex situated in close vicinity to the very famous Alchi Choeskhor in Ladakh. It contains superb early wall-paintings. Tsatsapuri was built sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries in at least two construction phases, and consists of extant three buildings arranged around a central courtyard, plus a ruined residential wing.
Local restoration of wall-paintings, left 20th century, right 15th century (A.A. 06)In the late 19th century one part of it was given to Ridzong monastery, while the rest is under a local family. However, for decades the temple has been in decay. These days it is little used because the monks' residential wing has collapsed, and building is not entirely stable. In 2005 Ridzong and the local community have asked THF for help. THF carried out a full survey and study of the complex, and has prepared a conservation plan.
Above is a site plan made by THF in 2006. To the left is an image of a local restoration attempt, left side of the picture 20th century painting, right side ca. 15th century.  The Local Ladakh team and villagers during emergency roofing for Sasspol-tsesurviving historic wall-paintings are reasonably wall-preserved, but extremely vulnerable and the roofs are leaking. Watch this space for news about this project.THF team consisting of mural conservation experts and architects in Tsatsapuri (Alexander 06)