International symposium ‘The importance of conserving Leh Old Town’
Posted by pimpim on 08 Nov 2020 at 6:30 PM
In May 2014, THF in cooperation with Prince Claus Fund of the Netherlands organised an international symposium ‘The importance of conserving Leh Old Town’, at the Central Asia Museum Leh, Ladakh. This symposium was a platform for open discussion among the residents, NGOs, intellectuals and government about the future of Leh Old Town.
The outcome was positive, with commitments by government officials that the “historic town to be preserved as the glory of Ladakh’s history”. Also the government scheme on slum development project–RAY scheme was highlighted during the symposium with an open discussion among stakeholders. Regional and local politicians, civil society, NGOs, conservation and heritage experts and the inhabitants discussed recommendations on how an upgrade of Leh Old Town could be implemented respecting the interests of all parties involved.

The symposium concluded:
• To acknowledge the importance of conserving Leh Old Town and to emphasize its heritage value as an unique example of a Himalayan settlement.
• To define a holistic approach towards the preservation of Leh Old Town encompassing historical, architectural and community features and needs.
• To define ways of improving the living conditions of the residents of Leh old town and at the same time respecting and embracing traditional building techniques and thereby the historic fabric of Leh Old Town.
This symposium brought positive results and created opportunities for further discussions of the Old Town.
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