Yushu Earthquake Support
Posted by Andre on 08 May 2010 at 2:52 AM
Courtesy Himalayan Region Eco-tourism ProjectCourtesy Himalayan Region Eco-tourism ProjectSupport for Yushu earthquake sufferers
To whom it may concern about Yushu earthquake
Dear friends;
We set up a supporting route to the sufferers in Yushu earthquake. The supporting system will be organized by Japanese volunteer and Tibetan teacher locating at Xining currently, they are charged in organizing the needing goods, transportation and goods distribution.
The supporting system works as;
1. Donors can transfer the contributions to the bank account specially set up for “Yushu Earthquake Support”.
2. A Japanese volunteer will be in charge of buying necessaries needed goods in Xining.
3. A Tibetan teacher (Originally from Yushu, strong network with local community, working at Yushu Vocational Training School) will charge in logistic management and distribution.
Distribution will be through Yushu Vocational Training School, target for the school and individuals who have lacking of goods support.
If you are willing to support, please make a donation to the bank account as following:
Account NO: 105007792753
Account holder: FUJIO MUTO
Address: 1-1-502, Shi Da Nan Yuan, NO.8 Xi Chuan Nan Lu, Xining City
Qinghai Province 810000, P.R.China
Bank name: Bank of China Xining City Yang Jia Zhai sub-branch
Bank address: NO.33 Wu Si Xi Lu, Xining City Qinghai Province 810008,
Thanks for your support!!

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