Kardong sisters weaving workshops
Posted by pimpim on 29 Nov 2020 at 4:40 AM
In 2017 two weavers assembled as “the Kardong sisters” in order to organize traditional weaving workshops. THF/LOTI invested in a handloom set and provided Kushu house as a venue. The Kardong sisters advertised the workshop through posters placed in the bazaar streets, hotel’s notice boards, and at Lala’s café. The Kardong sisters hosted numerous workshops for tourists, students and visitors. They demonstrated and taught participants about the weaving process, including spinning yarn, preparing the shuttle, setting up the loom and weaving woollen products. Furthermore, they introduced the range of wools and their qualities, and gave insights into basic sources of the natural dyes in Ladakh. Kardong sisters workshops were very much appreciated by the participants who enjoyed this experience. Contact the phone numbers in the poster to book a workshop.
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