Early memories of Leh old town - Talk series
Posted by pimpim on 28 Nov 2020 at 2:38 PM
As part of THF/LOTI efforts to preserve Leh old town, history, architecture and living heritage, we organized, a series of talks called ‘Early memories of Leh old town’ inviting prominent Ladakhi people to share their memories and life experience with the public, thus, bringing together different generations. Our first speaker was Mr. Abdul Ghani Sheikh a famous historian and scholar, his talk “My early reflection of the old town” was presented on September 30th. On October 7th, we invited Mrs. Razja Sultan, the LEHO director who presented “My glimpse into the past” and on October 14th, Mr. Tsepel Goji, talked about “My childhood memories”. The “Early memories of Leh old town” were broadcasted on the local radio and it became a success.
Students from different middle schools attended these talks events as well as residents of Leh old town, national and international visitors. The students had lots of questions about the recent historical events in Ladakh that the speakers and many people in the audience had witnessed in their lifetime.
Everyone had lots of fun sharing their memories and remembering together.

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