‘Ladakhi animals and impression of the soul’ - art exhibition at Lala's cafe
Posted by pimpim on 22 Nov 2020 at 6:58 AM
In 2015, THF/LOTI organised at Lala’s café an art exhibition showing ‘Ladakhi animals and impression of the soul’, the paintings of Ladakhi artist Phuntsog Namgial Barzi. Phuntsog was born in Phyang village in 1965 and completed his studies at the Central Institute of Buddhism with an (M.A) in Buddhist philosophy in 1989. He joined the State Education Department as a teacher in 1991. While working in various schools he did many paintings related to text books on the walls of schools and he has been actively sharing his art with other teachers. In 2006 he engaged in the preparation of paintings for Bhoti (Tibetan script) textbooks, and in his free time he paints from the soul in any medium he has at hand.
In this exhibition the artist wants to show that "All the living and non-living things are depend on each other for survival. In these paintings the artist “request the preservation of heritage, culture and language for our own identity".
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