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10:31 am, 28 Feb 2010
View of the river Indus with Spituk monastery in background (LL07)The THF Ladakh team has arrived in Leh to continue the work with the local LOTI team on the Leh Old Town Conservation Project.
THF's Pimpim de Azevedo presented a paper at "The Conference for Conservation of Traditional Temple Architecture" on Revival and transmission of traditional skills and rehabilitation of Sangiin Dalai Monastery - Mongolia.
4:21 pm, 08 Sep 2007
The children of Jianzha in the Serkhang Yul-lha Lhakhang (Larencuo).April 17
End of prayer festival at Serkhang (gser rkang) monastery in Qinghai.
1:11 pm, 10 May 2007
Samtenling Monastery (sgrub sde bsam gtan gling)April 5 2007
Enthronement of new incarnation of Choeshyi Rinpoche at Samtenling Monastery (sgrub sde bsam gtan gling) in Qinghai Province.
8:54 am, 21 Apr 2007
13th century wall-painting, Tayok Phyi, Bagan (AA).Travel for the 10-historic cities in Asia project: Bangkok, Penang, Kyoto and Bagan from February 21 to March 23.
12:27 pm, 14 Aug 2007
April 2 2007
Pimpim de Azevedo and Danilo Thiedemann re-start the Mongolia Sangiin Dalai Monastery Project after the winter-break.
Ragya monks, local officials and the THF team celebrate the completion of the 4-year restoration project (THF).October 2006
THF celebrates completion of 4-year project at Ragya Monastery in Qinghai Province.

8:47 am, 21 Apr 2007
THF UNESCO Heritage Award 2006September 1 2006
THF wins one of the 2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for the Leh Old Town Conservation Project.
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