The Old City Of Lhasa

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Description: This report explains the historic development of Lhasa city, introduces Tibetan architecture and presents the results of the initial field studies about the present-day old city area of Lhasa. The book was introduced at the 8th International Seminar for Tibetan Studies of the International Association for Tibetan Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA. The entire text and the illustrations can be downloaded soon, but a print version (with a silk-screen printed cover of handmade Himalayan paper) is available through us or specialized bookstores (e.g. Michael Henss' ASIATICA, book stores in Katmandu and selected outlets in Lhasa).

by André Alexander and Pimpim de Azevedo A4, brochure, cover duochrome on handmade Himalayan paper, 96 pages, monochrome, illustrated, published by VFKA/THF in Berlin 1998 (reprinted in Katmandu 1999 and 2000),
ISBN 3-933192-01-3.
Copyright, Tibet Heritage Fund