A Clear Lamp Illuminating The Significance And Origin Of Historic Buildings

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Description: This is the second volume of THF's series of The Old City of Lhasa. It reproduces the results of two years survey work of central Lhasa's Barkor Street, and has hand-drawn scaled elevations of the entire four sides of the circular Barkor Street, two cross-sections and floor plans of all the individual remaining historic buildings. There is also a text about the history of Lhasa and of individual sites written by Mathew Akester and André Alexander. Published with assistance by the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

by André Alexander, John Harrison and Pimpim de Azevedo (editors), A5 landscape format, 60 pages with 10 fold-outs, monochrome, illustrated, text in Tibetan, Chinese and Tibetan, published by VFKA / THF in Berlin 1999, printed in Hong Kong,
ISBN 3-933192-20-X.
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