Barkor Map

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Description: This plan of central Lhasa shows and names 59 remaining historic structures in the Barkor area. The Barkor is one of the main circumambulation routes around the 7th-century Tsuglakhang (Jokhang Temple). The Jokhang is a UNESCO World Heritage List nomination. The map was assembled and hand-drawn by John Harrison, based on survey work by Jian-Jun, Huang Xiao-Lin, Loden, Gelsang, Dakar, Pimpim de Azevedo, Zara Thiessen, Julia Hartmann, Ken Okuma, Koichiro Ichikawa and Yutaka Hirako. The key is based on the 1948 Aufschnaiter and Harrer survey of Lhasa, and has been amended and extended by André Alexander. The Jokhang ground plan is largely based on an official survey by the National Cultural Relics Bureau amended by John Harrison. Published with assistance by the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

Fold-out map, A1, monochrome, published by VFKA / THF in 1999, Berlin and Hong Kong.
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Copyright, Tibet Heritage Fund