World Peace Stupa consecrated in Amdo

Posted by Andre (andre) on 28 Mar 2009 at 1:46 PM
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THF helps rebuild stupa in Amdo in traditional stone work Trika county in Qinghai is home to a Tibetan community since at least the 9th century. Apart from a stupa built by king Tri Ralpachen in the 820s, which still exists, there were three other important stupas that were destroyed after 1958. THF helped the local community to design and build one that symbolizes all three, called by the community "The Great Trika World Peace Stupa (khri ka'i 'dzam gling shi bde mchod rten chen mo)". Built with official approval, it was completed and sealed on November 15 and consecrated on the 18th.
It was built in traditional stone masonry, with a wooden central pole, the sog-shing ("life-pole").
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THF helps rebuild Stupa in Amdo

The World Peace Stupa designed and built by THF in Amdo