Lala's Gallery opens with exhibitions of old Ladakh photos

Posted by Andre (andre) on 14 Jun 2009 at 10:28 PM
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Lala's Gallery, the Leh Heritage House operated by THF/LOTI, has opened again for the summer season. The Heritage House informs visitors about the old town and the various projects by THF/LOTI, offers espresso and home-made cakes, and offers space to local photographers and artists for exhibtions.Skarma Rinchen interviewed by Ladakhi Radio for the opening of his exhibition at Lala's Gallery "Photographs of Ladakh 20 years ago" by Nissar opened on May 20, and on 10 June "Ancient photographs in Black & White" from the collection of Zanskari photographer and filmmaker Skarma Rinchen opened. Ladakhi Radio reported about the second event, and broadcast interviews with theĀ  photographer and THF staff.