Contemporary art event at Central Asian Museum

Posted by Andre (andre) on 15 Aug 2011 at 2:35 PM
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Caravan (detail 1 of 12) by Helena BeckerLiechtenstein artists Hansjörg Quaderer (left) and Helena Becker (right) in Central Asian Museum, photo Anna MorganLiechtenstein artist Hansjörg Quaderer in Central Asian MuseumOn August 7, Liechtenstein artists Hansjörg Quaderer and Helena Becker made a special one-day show of their contemporary art works at the Central Asian Museum. Quaderer showed a series of semi-abstract paintings on cloth and paper done on site, with the materials he found at the worksite: charcoal from the fire, ochre used to paint monasteries red, chalk for white-washing and indigo. Helena Becker showed a leporello of 12 paper cuts, inspired by literature about Central Asian caravans by Sven Hedin and other authors. For more information, see Hansjörg Quaderer's website,
Helena Becker discussing with guestsPapercut by Helena Becker