Art and Architecture in Ladakh by Brill 2014downloads: 147 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
THF Annual Report 2010downloads: 3959 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
THF Annual Report 2009downloads: 2502 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
THF Annual Report 2008downloads: 3422 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
THF Annual Report 2007downloads: 3764 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
THF Annual Report 2006downloads: 4336 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
THF Annual Report 2005downloads: 4580 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
THF's Annual Reports describe our activities across the Tibetan plateau (24 or 28 pages) in colour.
Berlin Sustainability Conference Programdownloads: 4049 | type: pdf | size: 226 kB
With support from the European Commission, THF and ASIA are organizing a 2-day conference on sustainable development of Tibet's historic settlements at Berlin University of Technology and Humboldt University December 4-5.
Lhasa Jokhang history paperdownloads: 5750 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
This is a paper about the history of the Lhasa Jokhang written by Andre Alexander for the Webjournal on Cultural Patrimoy,
Kartsog Lhakhang Restoration in Jyekundo/Yushu 2011downloads: 2990 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
This is the illustrated technical report on the restoration of the historic Kartsog Lhakhang in Jyekundo (Yushu). It's the oldest temple in Jyekundo town, and the only one to preserve its historic wall-paintings. In the earthquake it was damaged but survived. THF restored the building, and conserved the wall-paintings in cooperation with French restorer Melodie Bonnat.
Introduction Chapter Temples of Lhasadownloads: 6674 | type: pdf | size: 648 kB
Temples of Lhasa Chapter 12 - Jebumgangdownloads: 5335 | type: pdf | size: 681 kB
This is a sample of the book, Temples of Lhasa; chapter 12 about the Lhasa Jebumgang (or Gyembumgang) Temple.
Achung Namdzongdownloads: 5958 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
Beijing Hutong Studydownloads: 4477 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
English version of a study in cooperation with Beijing Tsinghua University about the historic districts of Beijing, published in Beijing in 2004.
Yungdrungling Monastery Conservation Project Reportdownloads: 5031 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
Report about the structural restoration and conservation of wall-paintings of a Bön temple in Sichuan Ganzi.
Report about Restoration of Leh Red Maitreya Temple Wall-paintings (in German) 2007downloads: 4227 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Ladakh Red Maitreya Temple Conservation Report 2006downloads: 6220 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
This report by Hannah Pohle, student at the conservation department of Erfurt University of Applied Sciences decsribes some of the work on the 15th century wall-paintings in the Red Maitreya Temple in Leh, Ladakh. The report is in German.
Leh Red Maitreya 15th century Wall-paintings Documentation (in German)downloads: 4092 | type: pdf | size: 6 MB
チベット ヘリテイジ ファウンド 黄河流域チベット人集落における修復事業現場 2003-2007年度downloads: 3789 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
Gurulhakhang Conservationdownloads: 5621 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
Report (in German language) by Suzy Hesse about conservation work on the wall-painting fragments in the 17th-century Guru Lhakhang in Leh, Ladakh.
IATS Standing Committee for the Study of the Tibetan Architectural Heritage and Mural Artdownloads: 4597 | type: pdf | size: 6 MB
This is a presentation by A. Alexander as part of the report by the official Standing Committee for the Study of the Tibetan Architectural Heritage and Mural Art of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS) for the plenary session of IATS 11 in Bonn Königswinter 2006.
Leh 2005 Project Reportdownloads: 9959 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
Restoration of Tibetan-style Mosque in Leh by THF/LOTIdownloads: 4292 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
THF Leh Conservation Strategydownloads: 7669 | type: pdf | size: 3 MB
This is a paper describing THF's strategy for a planning framework (a Management Plan) for preserving and rehabilitation historic Leh.
Leh 2006 summary reportdownloads: 4944 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Tools for wall-painting conservation in Tibet by Christine Jürgensdownloads: 4621 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
THF Japan Visit 2006downloads: 5043 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
A visual diary of THF's visit to Japan in 2006.
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