Potala and Chakpori Map

Detail map of the Shoel and Chakpori areas of Lhasa, where the Potala Palace is situated. Extant historic buildings and Buddhist monasteries and temples are shown.

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Based on the official surveys of Lhasa from 1948, 1985, 1991 and own research. Created in 1994 in MiniCAD format by MRTZ and André Alexander in Berlin. Updated based on THF surveys and satellite technology in 2001.


To view the map, zoom in and out using the - and + buttons. Moving Cursor over a highlighted building will display its name.
A click on it brings you to the corresponding database page. To find a database-entry on the map, use the houselocator (button with the red lines)
You can also directly access the database, using the number key and our download map.

(To see the map, Flash plug-in is necessary, download here)

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